Thursday, October 13, 2011

My very first blog post - yipes!

Ok! So here I am. BLOGGING!!! No way I ever thought I’d be a blogger. Ever. But I was seduced by all the fabulous blogs I currently follow and I just HAD to have my own.

So, what’s next? I guess I’d like to get my feet wet by sharing some photos of a few of my favorite creations… if I can figure out how to do that! Cross your fingers….

I made this fun pumpkin cookie a few weeks ago. It’s now one of my favorites J

I did it! Ok, enough freaking out. I can do this.  Every year I feel like I need to try something different for each holiday or celebration. Who wants to make the same old designs over and over? Not me. So I thought I’d give edible image cookies a try…

And here’s what I came up with. Now I’m addicted to using edible images on cookies.
Also, I’m addicted to GLITTER!!!

I made a few new Halloween cookie collections this year. But I’m not through yet, I mean, we still have a couple more weeks, right?

See what I mean about the glitter? I am now glitterizing everything.
Is that even a word? Glitterizing? Oh well, it is now.

Alright, I think that’s enough photos for today. It’s time to see if this thing actually flies!

Drop me a comment, if you’d like, and let me know how I did! (Be kind, or I may never blog again. And that would be sad.)


  1. Good job, Michelle! I have yet to start my own blog, even though I know I should! Proud of ya, girl!!!

  2. Great blog, and I love all your creations! Keep going!

  3. You rock girlfriend and so did those cookies,even though I never got to actually TASTE the Halloween ones since hubby and kiddies inhaled them!

  4. the red velvet cupcakes were the most amazing cupcakes i have eaten in my ENTIRE life! they were sooooooooooooooo moist and i didn't even get to eat one until 5 days after i picked them up. they tasted as if they just came out of the oven.

  5. Wow I am very proud of you, good job - you rock!

    P.S. Now you have to teach me how to blog :)

  6. So what edible printer did you get? I am thinking of purchasing one, so I am asking those that have one:)

  7. Hi Michelle,
    I have been following your blog since your first entry and love your amazing work.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is making tradional Italian desserts such as cannoli and pizzelle cookies. The recipes I use have been in my family for generations. And of course, I enjoy sharing them with family and friends.