Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zombies - vs - Hello Kitty

Ok, so I’ve made it to my second Blog Post. Yay, me!

What I’d like to do today is tell you about something I posted recently on my Facebook page. Last week, while grocery shopping with my 5yr old, we came across something kinda cool. My son said to me: “Mommy, you need this cookie cutter!” and just as I was about to ask him to put it back (because Lord knows Mommy already has a bazillion cutters), I looked down and noticed he was handing me an upside-down skull cutter, but I saw something very different, so I bought it. Then I posted this photo on my page ~

It was so much fun watching everyone try to guess what I saw! So many people saw something completely different. Yes, some very unique & colorful ideas, indeed J

This is what my brain saw (brain saw? Ha, being a Zombie lover, that makes me giggle.) Anyway…

Nobody guessed it would be Hello Kitty in a pumpkin! It’s exactly what I’d imagined in that moment at the grocery store. Whatcha think? I LOVE repurposing cookie cutters, it’s like a fun little challenge for myself. I do it with those shaped cake pans as well. I cannot tell you how many ways I’ve used my old Dora pan! Wait.. whaaat? To make a cake!!! How many ways I’ve used it to make a cake! Get your minds out of the gutter already! Sheesh.

I made these little dancing Skelly Guys, too. Looks like they're scaring the bezeezes out of ol' Kitty!

Oh, I nearly forgot to wish everyone a Happy Sweetest Day! (yesterday)
Here is what I gave to my Sweetie ~

Yes, we share our Zombie Love <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My very first blog post - yipes!

Ok! So here I am. BLOGGING!!! No way I ever thought I’d be a blogger. Ever. But I was seduced by all the fabulous blogs I currently follow and I just HAD to have my own.

So, what’s next? I guess I’d like to get my feet wet by sharing some photos of a few of my favorite creations… if I can figure out how to do that! Cross your fingers….

I made this fun pumpkin cookie a few weeks ago. It’s now one of my favorites J

I did it! Ok, enough freaking out. I can do this.  Every year I feel like I need to try something different for each holiday or celebration. Who wants to make the same old designs over and over? Not me. So I thought I’d give edible image cookies a try…

And here’s what I came up with. Now I’m addicted to using edible images on cookies.
Also, I’m addicted to GLITTER!!!

I made a few new Halloween cookie collections this year. But I’m not through yet, I mean, we still have a couple more weeks, right?

See what I mean about the glitter? I am now glitterizing everything.
Is that even a word? Glitterizing? Oh well, it is now.

Alright, I think that’s enough photos for today. It’s time to see if this thing actually flies!

Drop me a comment, if you’d like, and let me know how I did! (Be kind, or I may never blog again. And that would be sad.)