Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Care for some "Catch-Up" with your Blog?

Oh. My. Gosh! I know!!! It's only been forever since I made a Blog post. Sheesh, what could I have been doing that was soooo darned important that I couldn't take a few moments to sit down and write up a new post?!?!? Well, this post is all about catching you up on what I've been neglecting to share with you since LAST FALL?!?!? Can it really be that long ago? *I hang my head in shame* ... Moving right along :)

Here is a quickie little photo collage of some fall decorating and goodies I made. Perhaps this year I can stop for a minute and tell you how I did things, wouldn't that be fun? Because decorating is one of my all time favorite things to do. I loved how my chandelier came out! I just picked up a bunch of sticks, stuck them through, added a some silk leaves, pumpkins, hung a few glass acorns, and tada! So fun! 

So then we moved on to winter holidays... hmmm, my last post was a giveaway of all my favorite Christmas things. Sigh. I *heart* Christmas. Soooooooo, perhaps I'll share a few photos from Christmas. Yeah, why not! First, I host a Cookie Swap every year. Because I love to bake and decorate cookies, and I love to host little get-togethers. Here's the table with everyone's cookie contributions. Yum!

At my cookie swaps I like to 
have a Gingerbread House 
decorating contest. 

 This was our decorating station.

And here are a few of the contestants fabulous creations!

After the party things got super busy getting ready for Christmas 
and making SO MANY goodies for everyone.
These little babies were full of cookies and fudge snowflakes 
to be shipped all over the place.

Here's a sample of some things that were in the packages.
(not Opus, he was for my hubs. In fact he still has him!)

So then it was just cookie heaven for a while.
I made a bunch of these guys...

... and these, which I think were my favorite from the entire season!

Aaaannnnd some Night of the Living Gingerbread Zombies, because they're Zombies. 
Don't Zombies deserve a nice Christmas too? Yes, I thought so :)

The next holiday I neglected to share with you was Valentine's Day. This is my little guy posing for a photo shoot along with the Valentine's we made to give out at school :)

We made some crafty stuff, too. Like these fancy streamer hearts! 
I learned this trick in kindergarten. It was great fun then and it's still great fun now. 
PLUS, the kids can make them, too.
Here's a quickie tutorial:
1. Cut squares of streamers. Many, many, squares.
2. Push the eraser end of a pencil into the center of a square and twist a little.
3. Dip in craft glue. Just a bit.
4. Press onto a canvas where you've previously drawn a heart shape.
5. Continue this process until you've got the whole shape filled in.

Almost looks like flowers, doesn't it :)

What's next... Oh yeah, St Patrick's Day!!! My little guy wanted to have a party 
so I took advantage of the opportunity and made a whole sweet table ~

The kids made "Leprechaun Traps" and asked to have them put into the tree. 
Evidently that's the best way to catch those little buggers!

Then there was Easter and more fun cookies and treats.
(and a sweet little boy)

Most recently we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. 
My son took in something special each day, including these ice cream sundae cupcakes.
I originally saw the idea on Living Locurto's blog. (forgive me I don't know how to tag!)

In between all these things I've been making and decorating cakes, 
cupcakes, more cookies...

I think that pretty much brings us up to speed - Phew!
So, now hopefully you get an idea of what's been keeping too busy to blog. 

BUT - I'm already working on my next post... It's gonna be outta this world ;)

And I'm going to try to make at least one blog post each week! Because seriously, I don't think you or I want to go strolling down memory lane like this again in 6 months due to my neglectful blogging habits :/


  1. Love all of your holiday baking and crafting! I would love to know how you did your snowflake fudge, they look wonderful!!

  2. Thank you! The snowflake fudge was pretty simple, actually. I used a silicone baking mold, melted and layered white and dark chocolate into it, added crushed candy canes on top, cooled in freezer and popped them right out!

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm such a goof!!! I typed the wrong description for the snowflakes - they are NOT fudge, they are peppermint bark! I'm so sorry. See, this is why I need to post more often, so I don't forget what I did. I gave you the correct directions, though. And you must have thought I was completely off my cracker! Call me nutty (although you probably already have).